before and after

ishinomaki (before after)
sendai (before after)
yuriage (before after) 

japan earthquake & tsunami
images via NYtimes

Totally oh my Lord. remember the word, "God never send you a 'thing' that you can't pass it by." then the very strong country is attacked. as we know, the'Father of Technology' is attacked by earthquake... sea... and then from the air. it is silly to reminds us about no matter how greatest you build the building, the mother earth is still own the whole place that we're livin.

i can't imagine how it would be if the country like Indonesia has this tragedy. of course we can't forget the images from Aceh Tsunami a years ago. but for a sure, i can't ever imagine if the situation in Japan happens in Java (especially to Jakarta). man, 9 SR and Tsunami!!!
however, i wish it will never happens to our country.. and for Japan, god bless you all. i hope there will be no more things like this. be strong, you guys have a power to pass it by!