poison tv

 sex is a tool used to corrupt your minds; just look at the content of TV and music today. Many think it's okay, but that's the whole point -> "sex is okay." <- fuck the media. but i surely thanks i am 20 years old person right now in this era. because the teenagers with a high school uniform are looked 'older' than their belongs to. and that's why i said thanks, the people who born from 1985 - 1990 are mostly 'fit-enough' for a metaphorms of the era. feel to ignore?

[especially made for GIRLS]
started from when you're grow up as the little kiddo. what makes you awake every sunday morning?

then, what's your stuff?

and you growin' more such a very innocence girl with these people

yeah baby. you are 90's kids and let's party like it's 1999!!!!
and excuse you 2000's kids?

sorry to say, but the time is only during 'fair' with 1999's people like us. jaman ternyata ngikutin kita, bersyukurlah yang lahir di 1985-1990!!!! (yesss! gue 1989!!!)


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